melbourne photo booth

The Amazing Mirror Photo Booth

what exactly is the mirror booth?

The Mirror Booth is a full-length mirror with a hidden camera. The unique adaptation has the capacity to communicate with guests through animations appearing as though they are displayed directly on the mirror. As soon as the guests approach the Mirror, they will be amazed by this new technology. They will be able to touch the mirror and take their photos, while the mirror kindly gives the guests compliments and leads them through the fun workflow that you planned for them.

We can proudly say that we own Melbourne's No1 Photobooth which is so fun, so intuitive, and so out-of-this-world cool, your guests won't be able to take their hands off of it.

Amazing Features

  • Interactive Animations

  • Unlimited HD Prints using DSLR Camera

  • Custom Print Designs

  • Email Photos

  • Unlimited Memories

Hd Prints

Our HD Prints give your guests what they want…amazing photo keepsakes that they can take with them! High quality printing on professional-grade paper so cherished memories will last for many years to come. With our Pro Lighting and high powered flash we will make sure you shine. 

Professional Camera

A high-quality, professional-grade DSLR camera is at the heart of the Reflections Mirrored Photo Booth. Your memories are special, and you want the highest-quality shots possible. We understand that, and know that you’ll be wowed by the photo quality!

Interactive fun

Your guests don’t just take a photo…they work WITH the Reflections Mirrored Photo Booth to create a unique, lasting memory! The screen engages guests and walks them through the fun and easy process!


Touch Screen

Guests enjoy interactive animations that capture their attention and bring out their creative best!The Mirror Screen is the ultimate Selfie, preserving your event forever!